• Filling prescriptions

The variables that may help you determine where to buy your prescription, most certainly include: the pharmacy location, the customer service hours of operation, the pricing on each product, a team of customer service-oriented professionals and a wide range of over the counter medications and prescription drugs from the major pharmaceutical houses in the country.

  • The best Pharmaceutical Care for the ones we serve

Santa Lucia Pharmacies highly value Pharmaceutical Care since we consider it an integral and essential part of our service structure.

Objectives of the Pharmaceutical Care:

    • To identify the possible treatment and medication which best suits our patients´ needs according to their medical condition and history.
    • To recognize and solve any drug-related problems.
    • To prevent any future drug-related problems.
    • To refer our patients to their primary care physician when necessary.

We are accountable for reassuring our patients that their prescription, as well as the given medical advice is the pertinent one in accordance to their physician and pharmacist recommendation.  

  • Infirmary

The primary goal of the Santa Lucia Pharmacies Infirmary, located in each one of our drugstores, is to offer a comprehensive range of nursing services to help our patients get through their recovery process with the best medical care of the industry. 

You may receive the following attentions:

  • Injection and drug administration services
  • Patient assessment
  • Outpatient observation and condition status
  • Treatment of minor injuries
  • Blood pressure control
  • Suture removal

We are aware of the importance of a healthy workforce; thereby, we have developed a medical attention plan intended for businesses, with the main objective of assessing and facilitating an optimum relationship that will eventually allow us to offer the prescribed medications to the companies´ employees and deliver them as a no-additional-cost-service.

  • Pharmacy Compounds

Santa Lucia Pharmacies in association with Premafarma prepares custom made pharmaceutical compounds and medicinal preparations. These compounds are prepared in consonance with the valid prescription (formula) for an individual patient-user, because normally the solicited dose, the dosage form or the medicament´s association that the physician requested is not available.

Our Pharmacies offer patients the preparation of drugs in various dosage forms such as: rectal suppositories, vaginal tablets, lotions, shampoo, capsules, syrup, suspensions, creams, ointments, eye drops, small volume injections, solutions, etc.

Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals, compounding the prescribed drug might take an approximate time of 48 to 72 hours. However, exceptions can be made in case of emergencies and under special circumstances.

May we proudly point out that Santa Lucia Pharmacies has two or more licensed pharmacists on site at all times, in this way our patients will always be able to count with the professional assistance required.

Your safety and peace of mind are truly of utmost importance to us.

Contactenos a servicioalcliente@farmaciasantalucia.co.cr